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Nokia relaunches the 6280 3G slider as the 6288


Nokia has announced a rebrand of the 6280 3G slider phone, and it's not so that the company can give it a pretty new name. The "new" 6288's design is similar to its never-hit-US-shores 6282 predecessor, and appears to be practically identical in specification -- QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera, 115g weight -- to the 6282 and its European cousin, the 6280. The design has had a slight tweak (you'll notice the white and black designs, and the lack of chrome on the keypad) and a 512MB SD card is bundled with the phone to sweeten the rebranding pill, and presumably the €325 pre-subsidies pricetag as well.

[Thanks, Vlad Balan]

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