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TGS: And the mystery XBLA game is ...


Yesterday we mentioned that an new franchise was to be announced for XBLA sometime during all this TGS/X06 hullballoo. We even asked all of you for your best guess. Well, it looks like we got our anwer sooner rather than later, and the answer will most likely be a disappointment to many. In total, four new franchises have been announced, and they are:

  • Gyruss
  • New Rally-X
  • Rush'n Attack
  • Yie Ar Kung Fu (Japan only)
While these games are a welcome addition (especially Rush'n Attack), it falls well short of our hope for original content -- or even an XBLA specific entry to a classic franchise. We hold out hope that a real contender will emerge before all is said and done. But, on to business. We said we'd name drop whoever guessed right and ... oh, wait ... nobody got it. In that case, we'll just give the Perv of the Week Award® to reader, AOE, for suggesting Boon-Ga Boon-Ga "complete with custom controller." Sick, man. Just sick.

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