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TGS: HD-DVD for $170, $250 Core w/ Blue Dragon


More 360 news out of Tokyo, Microsoft has announced that the HD-DVD drive for the 360 will launch November 17th at a price of ¥19,800 ($170). This pretty much confirms the oft speculated $200 price when the device ships stateside -- then again, Microsoft is rather fond of giving the Japanese insane price cuts.

Speaking of price cuts, Microsoft also announced that they will be releasing a new core system bundle in Japan this holiday. Priced at ¥28,900 (~$250), the new core comes with a copy of Blue Dragon. That's right, for half the price of the low end PS3, the Japanese can get a copy of Hironobu Sakaguchi's latest. Futile or not, Microsoft is going to war in Japan. Stay tuned for more TGS goodness.

360 at the Tokyo Game Show:
1080p for the 360!

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