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Yeah... this is the last Metal Gear Solid game...

Nick Doerr

It's sad, but series creator Hideo Kojima seems adamant about this being the last MGS title before he retires from the series (but that means there's another Metal Gear series, right?! No? Ah, well...). Here's a couple of things to expect from the game, aside from sheer awesomeness:

  • The Octacamo -- Snake's new sneaking suit that allows him to blend into any surrounding so long as he remains motionless. You know, some people don't even need a camo suit to remain "unseen". Oh, sorry, was that too emo? Anyway, even pressing against a wall riddled with bullet holes, Snake will also appear to have such holes. Neato.
  • Your enemies and allies will be determined by how you play the game, it has been noted. Liquid Ocelot is, of course, your ultimate villain, but normal soldiers are give or take. Factions within the soldiers' ranks may prove a useful tool to exploit...
  • You can scare enemies (a la Batman in Batman Begins, maybe) to the point they actually submit to your will and, yes, pee their pants like they mean it.
  • So many characters making an appearance! Will they all get enough screen time? Will their individual stories reach a satisfying conclusion? Let's hope so.
Essentially, this game is going to be fun. It just is. Even though this blogger's record with the Metal Gear franchise has been rough (oddly enough, after purchasing the game, they're barely touched until exactly one year later, when they're completed in a mad rush of "ohmigosh I gots to plays this games it's so cool"... yeah, it makes no sense, but it's practically tradition), it's still a very, uh, solid looking game and we can't wait to get our hands on it!

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