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How to make friends (and influence orcs)

Mike Schramm

Ravven at MBAzeroth has a post up about being "solo by nature." She says she leveled to 60 without putting together even one PUG, and except for her guild, she doesn't really chat with anyone else, and definitely hasn't made any friends that she regularly groups with ingame.

My first reaction was that WoW is a social game, and so of course I figured I must have made some friends along the way to 60. But when I think back on it, the only people I really talk to in game or know in any way are my own guildies. I did PUGs pretty often (because I love running instances), but beyond "thanks for the run" I never really had any extra relationship with those people. Even the folks I added to my friends list never seemed to come across my radar again.

Ravven wonders if she's the only one so shy (is shy the word?) while playing what's really a social game, and she wonders what to do about it. I know of noone better to ask than you, dear readers, so what do you think? Do you play the game as if it's a solo RPG, or have you made real ingame friends that you've grouped with regularly? And while I (and Ravven) consider being a guild a different relationship dynamic, is it? What does it take to make friends in game, or should you even bother at all?

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