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NanoNuno: the water-repelling umbrella

Darren Murph

So we've got umbrellas that are WiFi-enabled, iPod controllers, and wannabe meteorologists, but how about one that just keeps itself (and you) dry? Some crafty blokes in Britain are getting back to basics with the NanoNuno umbrella, which utilizes nanotechnology to create a canopy of minuscule fibers that water, dirt, and a host of other elements out there have a hard time adhering to. The idea was supposedly borrowed from the "natural phenomenon" witnessed on the Lotus leaf, which sports a similar, sleek surface that water simply rolls off. Since moisture can (presumably) not penetrate the surface, the company claims a simple shake or two will return the umbrella to the arid state it was in before braving the weather, but priced at £49.95 ($94), this probably only appeals to those stuck on the windward side of the island (or Seattle).

[Via PopGadget]

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