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Pace's satellite/IPTV hybrid PVR


Looks like 2Wire isn't the only player in the league trying to forge a little satellite / IPTV lovefest, with British manufacturer Pace now pushing a hybrid set-top box of its own -- dropping some PVR and content sharing functionality into the unit to boot. Dubbed simply the Pace Hybrid PVR at the moment, the box is being offered directly to operators looking for a two-pronged approach to pry customers away from the cozy confines of their cable provider, meaning it's still a ways off from actually landing in your living room. Like the 2Wire box, Pace's unit will give customers the attractive-but-likely-pricey option of side-by-side standard or high definition satellite and IPTV service (a la U-verse), and the ability to stream all that content (wired or wirelessly) to other IP-enabled devices in your house -- like a PC, handheld, or a second set-top box. No word yet on any takers for the converged STB, but with SBC already staking out its territory with 2Wire, we're guessing that there must be at least few other operators out there looking to play a little catch-up.

[Via GigaOM]

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