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Play Snake on your Nokia Series 60 / 80 by flexing your biceps

Cyrus Farivar

A Finnish fellow named Arto Holopainen on the Nokia forums has just come up with a way to control your cellphone without touching the phone -- that is, controlling it via Bluetooth-enabled EMG monitoring devices hooked up to your biceps. Holopainen took a Series 60 (or 80) phone, a small battery-operated Bluetooth-enabled two-channel electromyogram device (you know, the one that takes measurements of electrical muscle activity) and the MuscleMonitor application to run on his phone, and then managed to map various muscle activity levels to cellphone functions. Specifically, he's made it possible to play the classic game Snake through muscle flexing to control the various movements in the game. Holopainen elaborates that one could further map the software so that you could even text message by just flexing your muscles -- why one would want to do this, we have no idea, but we're sure that he looks absolutely ridiculous trying to get a workout by playing Snake.

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