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X-Arcade launches Tankstick, tanks call comparison "a little much"

Zack Stern

X-Arcade has launched its long-in-development controller, which combines its Trackball Mouse and Dual Joystick. This peanut-butter-in-chocolate match makes it suited to all kinds of emulated games, from Golden Tee and Marble Madness to Pac-Man and Street Fighter. The name of this controller? The Tankstick.

We were with you, but "Tankstick?" Shouldn't that be reserved for a controller modeled after, say, a tank? "Tankstick" makes us think of that scene where Indiana Jones hangs perilously from the tank's side-turret, while the maniacal driver steers with exaggerated, stair-climber arm movements. That's a tank-stick, fit for toning arms while crushing the leading archeologist. At least we coud use the Tankstick to play that Indy game where you whip open the kids' cages and ride the mine carts to sweet freedom.

But we digress.

At $200 -- or $10/pound -- you'll have to play a lot of MAME or GameTap to justify buying the Tankstick. But, like the other X-Arcade controllers, you can get adapters ($20 each) to plug into nearly any console. Alternatively, tell your parents/spouse/children that you need to buy 15 pounds of cheese at once, and later claim it melted on the drive home.

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