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Cingular: we'll rock a Pearl in 2007

Chris Ziegler

Cingular customers, we're afraid you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer to automatically ignore your calls. Though they say they'll still be getting a PTT-enabled version of the Pearl, it won't be coming until early 2007 now instead of the late 2006 we'd hoped for. By the time it comes, they'll hopefully have the ringer-silencing trackball issues worked out, but it sounds like it'll be going up against a strong competitor in the SGH-i607, a sprightly little smartphone that happens to pack 3G (not to mention a full keyboard) in a package every bit as small as the Pearl. Then again, we love a good showdown -- when it comes to smartphones dropping stateside, we say the more, the merrier.

[Via Gadget Review]

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