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Durham police department in trouble over 1080p DLP HDTV purchase


Usually, congratulations are in order after you purchase a new HDTV, but not so for the Durham Police Department. In need of a replacement for a dead $800 TV, they decided on a 52-inch Mitsubishi DLP for a little over $2,000. From the information available, it looks like they picked up the 1080p WD-52631 with 6-color wheel and Plush1080p image processing for upconverting lower-res signals, at a decent price for the model. The timing of the purchase is what's raising eybrows, while Durham's City Council is reviewing the budget and considering a possible tax increase. We think if they invited the taxpayers over for a little Xbox 360, HD DVD or Blu-ray action all this would blow over and they would realize how totally necessary this equipment is.

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