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Joystiq hands-on: Coded Arms Assault (PS3)

Ross Miller

Whereas Ridge Racer 7 impressed us, Konami's Coded Arms Assault left us writhing in pain. The game was a comedy of errors and should never have been shown. Among the game's many, many technical flaws include:
  • A jerky frame rate that frequently slowed down when something happened, no matter how small (e.g. reloading your pistol)
  • Very low polygon count. We're pretty sure we've seen GameCube titles use more horsepower, which is not a good sign for a PS3 game.
  • Cheap-looking explosions.
  • Bullets and grenades left paths in the air that can best be described as "a line of sprites."
  • Horrendous load times (about 43 Mississippis seconds)
  • Unresponsive camera controls that had only two speeds (stop and spin wildly).
Beyond all that, Coded Arms Assault is just another derivative first-person shooter. It offers nothing to set itself apart from the crowd, including its paltry visuals (shown at 720p, though you'd be hard-pressed to notice). We'd consider this a mediocre PlayStation 2 game, and it's supposed to be next-gen? Tsk, tsk, ...

Here is a video of the demo:

Here are some shots of the Coded Arms Assault booth:

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