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Sharp's UX-MF series: faxing has never been so good


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It's still hard to believe sometimes, but there are indeed fax machines alive and well in the world. Sharp hopes to ease this pain a bit by integrating what they are calling the first fax-to-email solution right in the box. Just plug-in the Ethernet, configure a recipient's address, and Sharp's UX-MF series of all-in-ones will automatically email received faxes as an attached TIFF file. The box can also be used to fax direct from your PC or to scan and print/fax/copy documents old-school-like while leering at the receptionist. It will even print pictures received from any of the new IrSimple infrared handsets like the SH902iS, SH902iSL and SH702iS from NTT DoCoMo capable of transferring a 2 megapixel image in less than a second. The series boasts a 4.3-inch LCD for reviewing scanned images prior to execution, an SD card reader, 2.4GHz cordless phone with answering machine, and the ability to print 26ppm monochrome or 24ppm color at 1200x1200dpi. The top-end UX-MF60CL will set you back about ¥50,800 (roughly $435), a pittance for the reward of a more sedentary lifestyle. Now please pass the donuts.

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