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Sony's Blu-ray player demoed in the wild

Erik Hanson

So here I am in San Francisco for a work conference, and I take some downtime to check out the Metreon mall downtown. I notice a Sony Style store, so I naturally stopped in to see what was there. Across the hall from the PS2s and video cameras, I discovered a Blu-ray demo setup -- complete with Sony's unreleased BDP-S1 player, hooked up via their DA7100ES receiver to the 60" SXRD A2000 model. The demo was sadly short and sweet, but the quality was very good, despite the TV being set on "vivid" mode, which I quickly fixed to standard mode *cough* It was obvious no one had really tuned the setup to its maximum performance, at least it was using HDMI cabling and was hooked up to a 5.1-channel amp.

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