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Utas Caviar ITRC 7000 "intelligent digital home controller"


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If you're looking for something a bit more versatile that your standard $10 all-in-one-remote, this new handheld unit from Utas may be worth a peek -- if you live in Korea, that is. Based on Windows CE, the Caviar ITRC 7000 will let you control just about any IR-based device in your house, either straight outta the box or by programming it using the existing remote. It'll also let you set up macros to reduce your daily button mashing routine, and packs a calendar, calculator and clock (John Hodgman would be proud). Seeing as it'll set you back a hefty 400,000 South Korea Won ($420), lets hope it has at least a few more bells 'n whistles than that (RF would be a nice start) -- although the paltry 64MB of RAM and apparent lack of expansion options do suggest otherwise.


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