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Welcome to EngadgetHD!


Do not adjust your HDTVs, monitors or however else you access this website. HDBeat has become Engadget HD and we've gone all widescreen and high resolution on you. Since we opened up shop last year we've had closer ties to our pals at Engadget than pretty much anyone else at home (Weblogs, Inc.) or abroad, so it made a lot of sense to team up on hard-hitting HD news. We've got a new layout and new name but we'll be bringing you the same high def news, podcasts, reviews and opinions you've come to expect, as well as expanded coverage of home audio and home theater gear. We've also got a bunch of new categories (yes, Battlestar Galactica fans, that's Universal HD up there) to help organize things a bit better, and an enhanced comment system (for the full rundown, check out Engadget's new feature list). Oh, and to get things started right we will be giving away a few of our favorite things: HDTVs.

We know there might be a few bugs in the new system -- so please give us feedback on how you like the new style, and let us know about any issues you're having. We've got plenty more to show you in the coming weeks, but for now, just kick back and enjoy the new Engadget HD.

P.S. -If you've subscribed to our feeds: first, thanks! Second, please point your reader here. The full list of our category feeds is right here.

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