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Wii graphically the low man on the totem pole [update 1]

Kevin Kelly

While it's no secret that the Wii doesn't have the sheer processing power of the Xbox 360 of the PS3, this interview with Epic's Mark Rein makes it a bit easier to understand -- "it's not Intel integrated graphics, but it's pretty far below the kind of min-bar of Unreal Engine 3." Previously, Epic had been considering using Unreal Engine 3 on the Wii, which at that point was still the Revolution.

He goes on to admit that Unreal Engine 3 wouldn't run on the original Xbox, or the PS2, but it is being used for subsequent games on the next-gen versions of both of those consoles.

With Ubisoft using Unreal Engine 2 for Red Steel, does this mean that the Wii will always be a distant third in the graphics department? Or will it pull ahead due to its innovative gameplay?

[Via GoNintendo]

[Update: fixed spelling of Mark's name]

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