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WoW Moviewatch: DPS-adin rocking Naxx

Mike Schramm

If there's one thing the Paladin debate needs, it's more fuel added to the fire. That's why Esotarius of Argent Dawn didn't just want to tell people that Pallys in raids could do more than heal-- he wanted to show them. This video, of him DPSing during an encounter in Naxx, is crazy stuff. If you've ever thought a Paladin's role in raids was only to buff and heal, check this out.

2100 crit! That's wild, man. Of course, after the expansion hits, Blizzard is planning to take the Shammy class more offensive and the Pally more defensive (starting by nerfing Divine Shield?). But this video is evidence that Healadin isn't the only option for Pallys after 60.

Update: Eso has more info about his build and the movie on this forum.

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