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Creepy USB Kitty keeps intruders away, us awake


If you were looking for some cutesy Hello Kitty paraphernalia, turn away while you still have your sanity. This USB Kitty might look cute on the outside, but it's clear the feline sentry harbors ill-will for the race of men. The USB device has dual infrared ports, and watches your computer for "intruders," which it then hisses, meows and shakes its evil head at. USB Kitty can also sing melodies (no doubt its method of removing souls), and includes a calendar and alarm function to alert you of events. Best of all, the device is a mere $24, so we're looking forward to a few hackers getting their hands on this thing and plotting a USB Kitty vs. Nabaztag fight to the death. We say USB Kitty FTW.

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