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Regretting that three-year contact? Trade it away

Chris Ziegler

We've all done it. The temptation of that latest-and-greatest smartphone being offered by (Verizon / Sprint / T-Mobile / Cingular) is just too great; we cave, signing our life away for one, two, or (gulp) three years in exchange for a killer price. Problem is, if you're anything like us -- as scary a thought as that might be -- the next gotta-have-it phone is going to drop well before your contract is up. Of course, most carriers offer the possibility of transferring your contract to another unsuspecting victim, but tracking that lucky individual down is the tricky part. A start-up going by "Celltradeusa" looks to help facilitate that search, charging $20 to pair up folks looking for a deal with other folks looking to slide out from under their contract. Going through the motions of getting the new owner's paperwork filled out (credit approval, etc.) is still left to the buyer and seller to work out themselves, but they've at least taken the guesswork out of finding one another in the first place.

[Via SmartMoney]

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