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Creative poised to throw down an 8GB Zen V Plus?

Cyrus Farivar

While Creative and Apple may have settled their legal battles, they're continuing to duke it out in the ring of portable media players. According to epiZENter's "reliable source," Creative wants to introduce a new contender with an 8GB version of its Zen V Plus, to compete with the newly-supersized 8GB iPod nano. We're all for competition in the marketplace, but Creative is going to have to move pretty fast if it wants to get its players out in time for the holiday shopping craze. Anonymous source or not, it's well within the realm of possibility that Creative would want to go toe to toe with Apple -- but of course, both Apple and Creative will have to take on the SanDisk Sansa e280 in the maxed-out flash-based DAP department.

[Via DAPReview]

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