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Route 66 enters car GPS market with Chicago series

Darren Murph

It seems that yet another mobile electronics outfit is diving head first into the GPS arena, and this time its Route 66. The company's Chicago series GPS units is its first venture into automobile navigation, and although they manage to include a dash of unmistakable Americana in both the company and device's name, these units are strangely and ironically restricted to our pals across the pond. The Euro-only Chicago series sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, SD / MMC slot, MP3 player, integrated speaker, 4.5 hour battery life, and a variety of European maps depending on model. The low-end 6000 (€299.95; $384) and 7000 (€349.95; $448) units are tailored for the "regional traveler," and pack mostly major highways, while the 8000 (€399.95; $512) and 9000 (€449.95; $576) flavors house broader, more descriptive NAVTEQ maps. The 6000 / 7000 versions can be upgraded to match their more continental siblings via the Route 66 "Map of Europe" DVD (€79.95; $102), and the 7000 and 9000 units support free traffic information thanks to the integrated RDS-TMC receiver. The foursome also comes with automobile hookups and a (presumably) ho hum carry case, and are slated to hit stores far, far away from Chicagoland in November.

[Via GPSLodge]

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