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TGS 2006: It's a Wonderful World preview


During the Tokyo Game Show, 1up managed to get their hands on the demo build of It's a Wonderful World, the game coming from those Kingdom Hearts guys. Their impressions of the whole affair (or, at least, the whole affair available) is somewhat positive, although they comment that the language barrier is huge.

Considering that the game is incredibly complex (we imagine in a good way), being able to speak and/or read Japanese goes a long way when attempting to play the TGS build of It's a Wonderful Life. We wonder why 1up would not have a person in their starting lineup at the show to fill this much-needed role. Thinking about it, there probably should be one of us there to play the build as well, since we are so not fluent in Japanese. Of course, this would require our staff not die off from starvation, which would in turn require that Joystiq actually open the dungeon door and toss us some grub. Seriously, can we get something to eat that is not made of plastic and USB 2.0 compatible? Guys? Hello?

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