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An hourly cost breakdown of HDTV ownership

Matt Burns

So exactly how much does that HDTV sitting in your living room cost you? HDTV Almanac takes a look at this and does some simple math to come up to $.37 an hour. That is if you assume the TV is going to be there for five years along with two people watching it the American average of four and a half hours a day. Plus, the cost of the HDTV ($2000) and the monthly charge of high-def service ($100) needs to be calculated too. The only variable missing is power consumption but this number can vary from TV type and manufacturer and in the end $.37 isn't that bad of a cost. Having trouble with the significant other justify the cost of a new HDTV? Simply bring up these numbers and it suddenly seems a tad more reasonable; See, we are here for ya.

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