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Apple to enter the flat panel biz?

Matt Burns

Whatever Jobs & CO. slaps that little white apple logo onto seems to turn to gold recently so what would happen if they enter the flat-panel TV business? Home Depot is doing it so why couldn't Apple? They already have amazing flat-panel LCD monitors, a chain of successful retail locations, a distribution network that should be able to handle other large objects, and don't forget about their upcoming iTV. For the most part, a mid-range flat-panel is a mid-range flat-panel and Apple wouldn't have to produce a slew of these products in order to be successful. Two product lines would be 'nough along with a few different sizes in order to turn a profit. Carl Howe takes a look at the question at hand here and comes to one conclusion: it's not a matter of if Apple will enter the flat panel market; the only question is when.

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