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Hawk Wings updates an already massive Mail plugin list

David Chartier

We mention Hawk Wings from time to time here on TUAW, as it's a great blog for all things One handy resource of Tim Gaden's Mail-obsessed blog that not everyone knows about, however, is its ever-growing directory of plugins, in which Tim relentlessly tracks and categorizes all the 3rd party add-ons, scripts, haxies, tweaks and other Mail goodies. The list was recently updated with 10 new entries, ranging from Note to Self (inspired by Leopard's Notes feature) and a Return Receipts AppleScript (you know, that feature where you can bug email recipients with a 'yes I read this' dialog) to a Mail to Yojimbo script for those times when the 'print to Yojimbo' service is less than convenient.

Check out the recent update and the full plugin directory for virtually any and every tool you could need to make bend to your every whim.

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