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Nokia bumps the stakes to 8GB on their N91


The HDD-based, music playin' N91 might've been panned by the critics, but a 4GB musicphone still isn't nothing to scoff at, and now the phone is doubling up the memory with 8GB, for even less scoffing opportunity. It's also been spiffed up in a slimming black -- this phone needs all the slimming it can get -- and now features A2DP support for some much-needed stereo Bluetooth action, but otherwise remains the same old clunker with a heart of gold. We would think at least they could've added in some stereo Bluetooth support, but no dice there. The good news is that Nokia has beefed up the software support with their new "Music Range" phones, so things should be a bit more enjoyable on that front. As for price, you're looking at a hefty 550 euros ($700 US), the same as Nokia's new N95 awesomephone, and a release date sometime before the end of the year. Keep reading for a few more pics.

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