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Scenes from Barcelona: La Maquina de Bailar

Kyle Orland

I was literally in Spain for only an hour before running into the above ad for La Maquina de Bailar (The Dance Machine), the first film I'm aware of in any country whose plot hinges on Dance Dance Revolution. My Spanish is a little rusty, but according to this translated trailer, the movie seems to be a classic tale of boy meets girl, boy gets mentored by a curly-haired disco star to beat an Asian DDR-master in some sort of competition to impress the girl, boy gets girl. Also, organized crime seems to be involved. Fun for the whole family!

Despite seeing this first ad poster almost immediately after entering the country, the movie seemed severely under-advertised around the streets of Barcelona. This could be part of why the movie opened in Spain last weekend in ninth place, behind such quality films as Little Man and Miami Vice. Continue reading to see a short clip of the movie that you and, apparently, much of Spain is missing out on.

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