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Sirius Stiletto 100 "availability" announced


We know that the last thing you wanted to see on a peaceful Tuesday afternoon was another Stiletto post, but we thought we'd just let you know that Sirius has finally gone official on the "availability" of the Stiletto 100 this month. We're not even sure what they mean by that, since there's still no mention of the player on their main site or online store, but they printed it up in a nice fancy press release, so at least it means they're done with any of those rumored "delays" or whatnot. Sirius also has the prices on the vehicle kit ($70), home kit ($70) and executive system ($150) that we spotted yesterday, so that's pretty, um, exciting.

Update: Reader Scotty points out that Sirius' online store is now showing a ship date of October 4.

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