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Exclusive RE5 for Xbox 360 rumor debunked? Maybe. Who knows?

Blake Snow

Though Capcom previously confirmed Resident Evil 5 playability on the PS3, the publisher has a way of backing out on exclusivity deals (go ask GameCube). In a very sensationalized report by today, Japanese Xbox boss Takashi Sensui refused to "deny fresh rumors that Microsoft has snatched exclusivity" of Resident Evil 5. Oh the publicity a sly smile can generate.

1UP countered the "confirmed" rumor calling it debunked for now: "Capcom was financially burned last generation when they promised the series to Nintendo -- why would they tempt a similar fate with a hardware company whose prospects in Japan are dismal, at best?" Money talks. And word has it that if you get Capcom drunk off peach schnapps they'll do anything.

[Thanks, The1]

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