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Ask the readers: PowerBook protection

Dan Lurie

I'm humble enough to admit when I need some help, and I'm lucky to have an esteemed group of readers such as yourselves comprising my very own hive mind. The issue is this:

My trusty PowerBook is getting on a bit in the years, and like all creatures, with age comes imperfection. The telltale signs of PowerBook pitting are starting to show on the wrist rests, and the lovely matte finish originally sported by the trackpad has begun to wear down, making it difficult to mouse. I know there are a few options out there for the wrist rests, and I'm leaning toward the Marware Protection Pack, but what can I do about the trackpad? The only trackpad covers I can find either have printed designs or come as part of an expensive protection packages.

I'm sure more than one of you has been in my position, so I look forward to your suggestions.

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