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Atlona's Flat HDMI cable, available soon


As HDMI continues to make inroads into all things A/V, we find Atlona prepping to drop their first flat HDMI cables into the mix. Using a flat "twisted pair" construction with high-density triple shielding said to reduce crosstalk better than traditional round cables, these new Flat HDMI cables feature 24k gold plated connectors and your choice of 28/26/24 AWG High-Purity Oxygen Free Copper conductors for cable runs as long as 20-meters when choosing the latter. True, they bring down the thickness of the cable, however, unlike Atlona's claim that these will be "barely visible" on the wall, the new ribbon appears to have spread about twice as wide as before which should make it even more visible for "on the wall" runs dontchathink? The Atlona Flat HDMI cable is UL/CL2 certified for in-wall installations but come now, we know you're gonna just run 'em under the carpet. At least until wireless HDMI hits these tough HD streets. Available in black or white and "available soon" at an "affordable price." We'll see.

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