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DIY project merges VR goggles with RC airplane

Cyrus Farivar

Those crafty Canadians, they've invented everything from the beloved BlackBerry to medicalbots. Well, let's add another really sweet creation (DIY-style, this time) to the mix: a radio-controlled airplane with an on-board wireless pan-tilt camera that's linked up to a pair of VR goggles to show what the cam sees. When the terrestrial-bound viewer wears said goggles and moves his or her head, the plane-based cam will adjust accordingly -- if the viewer looks up, the cam looks up, and if the viewer looks to the left, the cam looks to the left, et cetera. Just check out the video linked below, for an amazing aerial tour of the "Club de golf Royal" in Bromont, Québec (near Montreal).

[Via digg]

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