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GameFly underestimating 360 demand?

Ken Weeks

Reader Paul thinks GameFly is underestimating the demand for Xbox 360 titles:

Hey guys, I'm a big fan of GameFly, the Netflix-like service for video games. But, looking at their selection of new release 360 games shows something disturbing. Of the 16 games released since August, 15 are not currently available (hope you want to play Test Drive!). Did GameFly underestimate 360 demand? Has 360 sales increased of late? Or perhaps GameFly is in financial trouble, and isn't ordering enough inventory to meet demand.

GameFly now has three week old Test Drive listed as "short wait, while brand new releases NBA 2K7 and Just Cause appear to be available -- for now. I don't use Gamefly or similar businesses, preferring the pride (and crippling expense) of ownership. Have you been satisfied with this service when it comes to the availability of 360 games? Any GameFly employees care to comment?

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