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Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0

Scott McNulty

Microsoft has just released its first Universal application: Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0. New in 6.0, besides the fact that it is Universal, are the following features:

  • You can chat with Yahoo! Messenger buddies
  • Add status messages
  • You can display what is currently playing in iTunes
  • Custom emoticons
  • Spotlight integration
  • spell checking
At my day job we use Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, so I am in Messenger a lot. Sadly, they haven't fixed my two complaints:
  • I can't set a 'note' like I can on the Windows version (unless I am just daft)
  • Every time you initiate a chat with someone you get a long winded message telling you not to give out your credit card number to people on IM
Microsoft, if you are listening, please fix these two little issues for me. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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