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New Wii features: Message Board & Play History


It's not holographic projection, but it'll let you "email" with your Wii. Nintendo sheds light on new features:

Message Board

  • Stores user achievement data and shares it will other users of that console
  • Integrates with games to alert players of important events; e.g. "Concert next Saturday in town" (Animal Crossing)
  • Utilizes date sorting and calendar integration
  • When connected to the internet, can be linked to other consoles' Message Boards to exchange notes, data, screenshots, etc. (in other words: simplified email client)
  • Compatible with mobile phones
Play History
  • Data collection function, which cannot be cleared
  • Compiles total amount of playtime (and possibly other stats) for every game played
  • Doubles as a monitoring system for parents wanting to keep a watchful eye on their kids' gaming habits
  • Will be used by Nintendo (with user consent) to pool data into useful statistical categories; i.e. "most played game of the year"

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