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Rumor becomes reality: Oblivion travels to PSP


Back in April, PSP Fanboy unearthed a huge rumor: Oblivion was coming to the PSP. When the game started to appear on EB Games' website, we knew that something was going to be made, although some of you thought we were "deluded." Well, looks like we were right: 1UP has confirmed the existence of a new PSP game entitled Elder's Scrolls Travels: Oblivion. The game will have similar gameplay to the Xbox 360 (and now PS3) version of the game, but will take place in a new setting.

This sounds like great news. Considering how powerful the PSP hardware is, I'm sure it'll be better than the previous Elder's Scrolls Travels game, which appeared exclusively on the N-Gage (pictured above).

[Via Joystiq; Thanks, Silver R. Wolfe!]

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