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TGS: Keeping booths afloat with airborne decoration

Ross Miller

Walking along the convention center, we were constantly reminded to look up and gaze at the massive floating ornaments signifying each booth. Square Enix's Chocobo and Slime floats were visible from anywhere on the floor, as were dozens of other air polluters. More pictures after the break.

Daito, known for their show-stopping performances, also erected a castle in the sky.

D3 Publishing took the more logical, "our donut can crush killer ants," route.

Whoever said zeppelins lost popularity in the late 1930s are obviously living in the past. Hey Square Enix, why didn't you have a floating airship at TGS?

For some reason, we are eerily reminded of The Grudge right here ...

More pictures to come, assuming I can recover my hard drive from a now-defunct laptop.

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