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Unreleased Motorola ic502 iDEN / CDMA hybrid hits eBay


It may have just breezed through the FCC a few short months ago, but Motorola's yet-to-be-released ic502 iDEN / CDMA hybrid phone has already found its way to eBay -- although if the bidding activity is any indication, it doesn't look like Motorola will have much trouble meeting the demand for it. One bid was all it took to snag the hybrid handset, with the winning bidder throwing down an even $300 for the bragging rights. The lack of EVDO, not to mention Bluetooth or a camera, no doubt helped to dampen the anticipation among early adopters a bit, but if you're in desperate need of some hybrid action, the ic502's the only game in town.

[Thanks, Sloop John B]

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