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High-def cams used to capture haunting images of a huge sunken 1935 airship

Matt Burns

High definition isn't all about pretty girls and flashy images, there can be some practical scientific purposes. Northern California scientists reciently spent 40 hours with a deep-diving robot and a high-def camera exploring the wreckage of the USS Macon airship. The massive rigid frame airship (97 feet shorter then the Titanic) sunk off Big Sur more the 71 years ago during a storm after a high-altitude transcontinental flight damaged her tail section. The high-def cams allowed researches to spot everything from the Sparrowhawk biplanes (pictured) she was carrying to aluminum chairs and now some of the images and video has been released to the public. Hopefully, Discovery HD Theater or National Geographic HD will snatch up this coverage so we can see the images in their full high-def glory.

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