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Polaroid offers four pink digicams in support of breast cancer research

Darren Murph

Just yesterday we hit you with Seagate's Pink Pocket hard drive, and now Polaroid is jumping on the (admittedly awesome) anti-breast cancer bandwagon and throwing down four new digicams in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All four P&S models are available in pink, light pink, and magenta (similar to the trio of RAZR hues), house 16MB of internal memory, and support SD cards of all sizes. The a520M gets it started with a 5.1 megapixel sensor, 2-inch LCD, hardly useful 4x digital zoom, and an AVI movie mode, while the i533P steps it up by including a 2.5-inch display, much more worthwhile 3x optical zoom, AVI / MPEG-4 video capability, and video / audio outs. The i639M rocks 6 megapixels, a 2.4-inch screen, 3x optical zoom, video out, and an MPEG-4 movie (with voice recording) mode, while the top-end i733LP boasts 7.1 megapixels, a 2.5-inch TFT LCD, 3x optical zoom, movie mode with audio, and A / V outs. While pricing deets are currently MIA, these will only be available until next March, so you can pick up a delightfully colored digicam for that oh-so-special lady in your life (or one for yourself, ladies), and help out an excellent cause in the process.

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