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Retailers stocking limited amounts of HD DVD and Blu-ray titles

Matt Burns

HD DVD and Blu-ray are now here and there is no one denying that but retailers are wondering what the heck to do with 'em. Do they market the discs with the players, on an end-cap by themselves or in the normal DVD section? Retailers aren't that concerned where they put 'em to tell you the truth as the make up such a small part of the overall inventory of media with a total percentage of around the 5% mark according to one wholesaler and not a lot of people are asking for new discs. Best Buy is starting to opt for product placement with the normal DVDs, as that's where consumers go to find movies, not in the video department. Hopefully these retailers understand that they are something special and make room for the formats all by themselves and not mix the titles in with the rest of its genre. If these formats are to survive the test of time, they are going to require retailers to highlight them in some sort of way.

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