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AMD hooks up with Founder, China's No. 2 PC maker


It may not have quite the headline-grabbing attention of AMD's deal with Dell, but the chipmaker's just-finalized partnership with Founder, China's number two PC maker, could well be just as important in the grander scheme of things. The deal will see AMD processors powering Founder desktop PCs as soon as next month, with servers and laptops to follow soon after -- which should go some way towards bridging the gap with Intel, who currently enjoy a dominant lead in the Chinese market. According to Reuters, Intel controls some three quarters of the market there, although AMD has been growing fast, going from just 5% three years ago to 18% today. For its part, Founder accounts for 12% of the Chinese PC market -- well behind Lenovo's one-third share -- although at the rate the market as a whole is growing, 12% ain't nothing to sneeze at.

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