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Buena Vista Games races to Climax in Europe

Kevin Kelly

Disney's video game arm Buena Vista Games has acquired London-based Climax Racing for an undisclosed amount of dough, giving BVG a chance to develop racing games, and a European office to add to the Disney empire. The Mouse House also currently owns Propaganda Games in Vancouver, and Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City.

Climax developed MotoGP and ATV Offroad® Fury and may start cramming Disney characters into racing games, a la Mario Kart, or continue to develop sequels to both of these franchises. The recent MotoGP 2006 scored fairly decent numbers when it went through the paces, so hopefully BVG won't tinker too much with a formula that produces solid games.

Still, we're hoping that Climax insisted on cash and didn't receive only stock options, Mickey Dollars and tickets to EuroDisney. If they held out for bootleg copies of The Rescuers and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with the missing footage intact, they're sitting on a goldmine.

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