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Creative Zen V Plus 8GB announced

Cyrus Farivar

And in this corner, in the blue and black trunks, weighing in at 8GB, Creative's Slammin' Singaporean in Stereo -- the all-new Zen V Plus! That's right folks, Creative announced today its expected 8GB bump to the Zen V Plus, which is due out next month for S$430, the local equivalent of what we might call 270 greenbacks. It's sure to go head-to-head with the slick 8GB iPod Nano and that sassy SanDisk Sansa e280 in an upcoming prizefight. While this new color scheme (pictured) is only available in a limited edition direct from Creative's online store, the press release notes that the new player normally comes in "glossy black with a new colour accent of red" -- actually, we find the snaps on their site to be more of a subdued ochre, but hey, we're just stupid Americans.

[Thanks, Vizion and Pablo]

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