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Dell recalls 100,000 more batteries while Toshiba and Fujitsu join the fray


It took them long enough, but it looks like Sony is really coming clean on this battery issue, and urging all affected manufacturers to get on the recall bandwagon. Toshiba is recalling 840,000 batteries across a wide swath of their laptop lines, in addition to the 340,000 they recalled a couple of weeks ago for an unrelated power-loss issue. Fujitsu is recalling Sony-made batteries from 19 of its laptop models, but no word on exact quantity of laptops. Dell is also expanding their own recall, with 100,000 more batteries due to "additional information" they've recently received about the batteries from Sony. Oddly enough, while Sony seems to be encouraging all OEMs to get going on a recall, we still haven't seen a recall for Sony's own laptops -- which seem to be just as defective as the rest of them, peep that picture above -- but hopefully Sony will be fessing up to those soon so we can all be one big, happy screwed-by-Sony family.

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