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HP to buy Voodoo, don't think about HP scandal

Zack Stern

HP plans to buy gaming PC company Voodoo Computers in order to reach gamers and their wallets. Voodoo will continue to operate -- now under the HP umbrella -- with co-owners Rahul and Ravi Sood staying on with HP jobs. The acquisition should close by November, after the requisite approvals by shareholders and the SEC.

Well look who's following Dell (which bought Alienware earlier this year). While this sort of buyout must take months or years of anticipation, we think the timing is a little more than coincidental; HP is currently being scrutinized by the press, Wall Street, and Congress for spying on media outlets and its board members. There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned buyout to push your scandal out of the headlines.

[Thanks, Derek]

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