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Kutaragi on Sony's competition: "We don't care." [update 1]

Blake Snow

Kids Ken Kutaragi says the darndest things. Though never easy to opine on your competition to a reporter, the father of the PlayStation had this to say when asked by British trade magazine MCV regarding Sony's next-gen competition (Xbox 360 and Wii): "We don't care." Ironically, this statement was made in the very same interview after admitting to PS3 production problems. "Right now ... we can't manufacture enough blue laser diodes for our PlayStation 3s. But we will resolve that," said the Sony exec.

Maybe Ken was having a bad day. Maybe he's tired of all the unfavorable publicity the PS3 is getting. If not, someone get this man a muzzle. Any businessman that implies an absence of competition seriously needs a reality check.

[Update 1: Linked to original MCV article, that was not sourced by our Gamespot via link]

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