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Nintendo confirms Wii Wavebird support

Jason Wishnov

Back when Nintendo first announced that the Wii would accept standard Gamecube controllers as a form of input device, there was the question of Wavebird compatibility. The Wavebird, the first truly effective wireless controller, requires a block "receiver" be plugged into the Gamecube, and since the ports on the Wii appear to be recessed into the system, many wondered if they would properly fit.

Wonder no more! Nintendojo had Nintendo representatives confirm Wavebird support, o' glorious day! You'll still need the receiver, however. Also mentioned was that the Gamecube controller can be used with "select Wii games" ... Super Smash Bros. Brawl sounds like a prime example, assuming we won't need to buy the classic controller to play it. Thanks, Nintendo.

[Thanks, Ritz and Nushio!]

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