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Seven football fans watch 70 hours of HD football

Erik Hanson

In a story to bring a tear to Ben's eye, Echostar has sponsored an Ultimate Football Fan contest with the NFL to allow some tough TV watchers the chance to win a trip to the 2007 Pro Bowl in Hawaii. All they had to do was break the Guiness World Record for continuous television watching, and what better way to do it than by watching football in high def? Dish and the NFL took the winners of eight regional "ultimate fan" contests, sat them down in La-Z-Boy recliners, and turned on the sets on Sunday.

The greatest part? After one of the contestants couldn't stand it anymore and bowed out to hit the sack (or was it the john?), the remaining seven banded together to help each other stay awake and watch as one group. They watched football nonstop until Wednesday morning, a full SEVENTY HOURS after they began. Now that's teamwork! Dish was so impressed they awarded the prize to all seven, who will get a trip to the bowl game, the recliner they used to break the record, a 37-inch Akai HD set, a Dish HD tuner, and HD programming for a year.

Forget DirecTV's Superfan package, that's what I call super fans! We can't even imagine watching anything for seventy hours straight, we think after forty or fifty anyone would be done for. Any takers to break this new record, and win some free HDMI cabling, or something else that happens to be behind one of our A/V racks?

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